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Shot Blasting

The blasting process consists of the projection of abrasive material at the parts to remove any oxides.

In our blasting process steel shot is used which is blasted by air at a constant pressure of 9 bar causing a surface roughness of the grade SA 2 1/2. The part to be blast enters the blasting cabin and the operator using a gun removes oxides (rust, calamine, black oxide), paint and powder coat.

For paint removal and powder coat the process is quite time consuming.

The most common uses for Shot Blast are:

  1. Preparation of parts for metallization giving it the roughness necessary for zinc to have a good adhesion
  2. Preparation of parts for painting
  3. Preparation of parts for powder coat

After Shot Blasted the part needs to be treated quickly as it is without any protection as a result it oxidizes very quickly.


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