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Seag, Componentes Metálicos, Lda.

Welcome to the Seag website.

On this site we showcase our offer of metalworking, blasting, metallization and powder coating services.

The company was founded in 1997 and since then has been equipping itself to better serve its customers, in 2000 we invested in a surface treatment (shot blasting and metallization) section and in 2015 we invested in a powder coating section.

In 2012, we were pioneered in the construction of Padel Tenis courts in which we are the Portuguese company with the most structures produced.

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Shot Blasting

The blasting process consists of the projection of abrasive material at the parts to remove any oxides. In our blasting process steel shot is used which is blasted by air at a constant pressure of 9 bar causing a surface...



The metallization process consists in the coating of parts through the projection of zinc. The process begins with shot blasting the parts to create the roughness (SA 2 1/2) required for zinc to easily adhere to the parts. In our...


Powder Coat

The powder coating process consists of applying epoxy or polyester thermosetting powder paint. The process begins with cleaning the parts to be powder coat in order to remove all types of contaminants to obtain a good adhesion quality. The piece...



Over the past few years, trying to meet all our custumers challanges, Seag has been equipping itself with new technologies. The company has qualified technicians to do all kinds of works of metalworking, fences and metal structures. In the area...



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